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Lorrie Jones, Mindfulness-Based Healing Therapy

"Becoming healthy and confident in body, mind and spirit is a journey that brings discovery and opportunity. It is an invitation to live a life of greater beauty, dignity, wisdom and respond to our world from a place of stillness and serenity...and to live our lives from our highest purpose and potential."

~Lorrie Jones


Can you imagine your life in full color; living each moment mindfully with purpose and passion?


Does your perceived body image interfere with your happiness and joy in life?


Do you have memories, beliefs, or deeply held emotions that you allow to define you or keep you stuck?


Are you feeling disenchanted, disillusioned or disconnected from what really matters in life?


Are you ready to make life-long changes in how you think and what you value?


Welcome, I’m Lorrie Jones! Mindfulness based programs and practices are my signature work, my professional joy. My passion is working with people seeking assistance with living mindfully, eating mindfully, and parenting mindfully.


If you are hearing an inner calling to attend to your health and well being, I am here to assist you on your journey. We will begin by inquiring appreciatively into your current strengths, gifts and possibilities. We then move to a deeper, more mindful exploration, paying attention to body sensations, thoughts, memories and emotions, opening the door to hope and healing.


With certification in both Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Hakomi, I offer a conscious, creative and compassionate approach to personal renewal and mindful practices for health and well-being.


My mindfulness-based services include::


  • Consulting and coaching with special emphasis on
    • mindful living
    • food issues / body image
    • family dynamics / mindful communication
    • stress reduction


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  • Professional speaking covering topics such as
    • living mindfully
    • eating mindfully
    • parenting mindfully


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I am pleased to announce the publication of three NEW books!
Click on book covers to watch the book trailers and learn more. Available on Amazon.


21 Days of Living Mindfully

21 Days of Eating Mindfully

21 Days of Parenting Mindfully